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My name is Anand P. I born as the son of  Mr Kottakkal Kovilakathu Kutti Ettan Raja & Mrs. Durga Devi Paliyath.

I was born on September 6th, 1978 a Wednesday. In Malayalam calendar, it is a Chitra Naal in Chinga Masam.

I have done my studies from two different places, One is Calicut, the place where my parents were working and second is Ernakulam, where I joined for my Masters degree in Oceanography.

I have been living with my grant parents at Kottakkal till 4 years of age and after that I shifted to 'Manakavu' and then to 'Chalappuram'.  We built our own house at 'Chevayoor' and shifted to that house on 9th February, 1993. From then we all live in our new house 'Paliyam'.

Now I purchased 6 Cents of land at Kangarapady, Kakkanad. I hope to construct a new house there. It is just 4 Km off my working place.